Being able to select the best RC car from the existing options is an important task that must be accomplished when you are planning to buy one. But due to the increase in the number of RC car brands available in the market, getting the best RC can be complicated.

To make the selection more convenient, try to focus on the products of the most reliable RC car manufacturers. You can also conduct some research to identify the best RC car brands in the world such as the following.

1. Traxxas

Traxxas is one of the leading producers of radio control cars. It was founded in 1986 and currently based in McKinley, Texas. The brand specializes in the production of both the electrical and nitro-powered RC cars, aircrafts and boats.

It has been in the industry for a long time and this allowed Traxxas to master the craft of producing reliable, high-performance and durable RC car models like the XO-1, Nitro 4-Tec 3.3 and the Revo Trucks.

2. HPI

The Hobby Products International or HPI is regarded as a leader when it comes to RC cars. The brand’s existence was started by Tatsuro Watanabe in 1986.

Due to its success in providing the consumers with the most reliable and impressive RC vehicles, HPI gradually became one of the most trusted RC car makers in the industry.

Throughout the brand’s existence, it successfully launched a number of best-selling RCs in the market such as the Savage XS, HB Cyclone and the Baja 5B.

3. Losi

The RC car models bearing the Losi mark are considered as one of the best in the world. This is because the RCs produced by Losi are designed with the customers’ satisfaction in mind.

Ever since its entry into the RC car market, the brand has made sure that all of the products they release will surely delight its customers.

4. Team Associated

The Team Associated is among the oldest RC car brands in the world. It started in 1965 as a producer of slot-car plots. But due to its commitment to the consumers, the brand has ventured into the production of RC cars.

After a few decades, Team Associated successfully conquered the RC car industry and is currently one of the largest producers. Among its bestselling models are the APEX Scion Racing FR-S, RC8B3e, and the RC10SC5M.

5. Duratrax

The Duratrax is a popular brand of electric and nitro RC vehicles. It is responsible for the release of the bestselling models like 835E and the 835B.

Aside from that, the brand is also famous among RC enthusiasts since it is into the production of tires for RC buggies and monster trucks. The brand’s product line also includes RC car paint, batteries and chargers.

6. Tamiya

Tamiya is probably the oldest company involved in the production of RC vehicles. It was founded in 1946 by Yoshio Tamiya and is currently based in Shizuoka, Japan.

Despite the existence of new RC car brands in the market, a lot of RC enthusiasts still prefer the Tamiya-marked vehicles like the XB Plasma Edge II, Subaru Impreza Monte-Carlo ’99 and the Mazda Roadster /MX-5. This is because such cars are known for their durability, impressive performance and high-grade components.

Aside from the RC vehicles mentioned earlier, Tamiya has also produced a number of bestselling RC models such as the Blackfoot and the Clod Buster. The Blackfoot is an electric RC model monster truck sold by Tamiya from October 1986 up to 1993.

It comes with a scale of 1/10 and was among the first cars to use the chassis made of molded ABS engineering resin. All throughout its existence, the Blackfoot remained as an in-demand model in its class.

The Clod Buster on the other hand is also a popular Tamiya RC monster truck known for its four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering features. It was first released into the market in September 1987 and was eventually retired as a bestseller.