This no 1 Best Seller in Toy RC Vehicles Category will surely gives everything you need in a Fast RC Car. Speed, drift, Stunts and Powerful Battery that is more than enough to make your RC Car flying first over the finich line.

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Every RC CAR Racer fanatic will definitely want this one thing more than other in their racer RC car and it has been like an addiction among rc car fans. Especially for the rc car fans that always chasing the adrenaline of a RC car, They always put this one aspect as the most important thing they must have in their RC. And that one thing is the need for speed of the RC Car!

For RC car racer, they surely will look at how fast and what is the maximum speed that can be handled by your the rc car. After you check the speed description came from the factory, you then must make sure that you are looking at a rc car that is born to be fast. After that it all will depend on your skill to make it as a fast rc car. Well sometimes you will need luck also on the track, as anything can happen in a race.

RC Car racer that looks for a RC that was born to be fast is not an easy task. There is many brands that promise for the maximum speed on it;s rc car and sometimes the speed displayed on the box are only just a marketing gimmick. The maximum speed of a speedy rc car is not an easy task to reach on the real track as it depend not only on the engine power.

As a RC Racer, you need to know how fast a rc car would be just by looking at the specification on the box. If you are a beginner rc car racer and want to have a car capable to smash the track very fast, the first point that you must see is the maximum speed the rc car brand state on the specification box. After that you have to decide if it make the sense in what the brand speed promised. In fact the most points that is important that determined that the rc car is indeed born for racing and speed is the true power!

The maximum power the rc car engine can develop is the key of the speed! It is the the main engine of this rc car that will determine whether it will fly very fast or just a loser on the start line. Always check the battery power in the rc car specification that you will buy, because with great power comes a great speed, and with speed comes the fun!

But nevertheless do not forget that with maximum speed, it will take also a lot more supporting component that need to stabilize the run, so it's gain the maximum speed on the track. nah that's the point which is also important,

Next important supporting component for speed is indeed the battery power. With great speed, it will suck the battery more faster than if you doing normal speed. So you need to decide if the rc car battery contain more power to make your rc car drive longer. Because the race rc would need more playing time to blast the track and you will need the full power. You really don't want the battery run out before you win the finish line. 

This speedi2 RC Car battery will make you conquer the lap with no worry. With Rechargeable car battery 4.8V 500mAh this will take you up to 25 minutes RC fun time, consider most brand only up to 10 minutes play time, this is a major RC FUN! Speedi2 rc car battery not only get you good power but also designed to last longer for more laps. This Speedi2 rc car is not only fast but also able to survive longer time in the track, these extra points for to defeat your opponent rc car in your race.

And when the power is enough, the next part you really need to check of a fast rc car is their feet. Because the feet part will guarantee the stability of the rc car when it's doing fast on the track. Without stability a great power will be useless.

WHAT YOU GET IN THIS SPEEDI2 Remote Control Racing Car BOX

In the box:

  • RC Car
  • Rechargeable battery and USB Charger
  • Transmitter & 3 AA batteries
  • Battery Screwdriver
  • Instruction Manual

The stability will make the maximum speed gain faster and longer without make the car out of track and hard to control. The stability part of the rc car is the feet part. This will including the rc car Tyre and the shock absorber. The shock absorber will absorbed the shock from the ground to provider the stability when its running fast, this will added the maximum speed a way to control the car more stabil.

Speedi2 RC car is equipped with a good shock absorber in each wheel of this rc car. With the speedi2 4-wheel suspension shock absorbing anti-collision design it will really help the rc car driver to control the rc car stability and gain maximum speed more easily. So with high stability this is the rc car that can fly out of racing competition with maximum full speed. And the 4-wheel suspension shock absorbing anti-collision design will also make every turn smooth with good speed without making the rc car out of track and turning the rc car upside down.

The plus side with this good rc shock absorber is that it making this car also a good stunt or drift rc car. with the good power and the good shock absorber, this speedi2 rc car is a dream rc car for stunts, especially doing the rc car drift. It would be easy to make this rc car drifting. You just need to go fast and take the sharp turn even faster to make this car drifting with stability.

This big power and good shock absorber design make this speedi2 rc car a dream rc car for the rc car racer and also ideal for rc car stunt and drift. The ability of this RC car makes it perfect to have for the race, and the design make this rc car also ideal for doing stunts as jumping and drifting. This rc car not only great for beginner, but also great to rc car fan that specialize in race or rc car drift stunts.

  • Full function control, Forward/Reverse/Left/Right.-
  • Powerful Stunts on skateboards and steps etc.,
  • Remote control buggy racing and drifting, indoor & outdoor, Fast 13 MPH!
  • Rechargeable car battery 4.8V 500mAh- up to 25 minutes’ play time per charge-
  • Transmitter battery 3 AA 1.5V (all batteries included), 170 FT control range
  • 4-wheel suspension shock absorbing anti-collision design
  • Flashing lights
  • 2.4Ghz Radio Frequency-
  • 1:16 Scale