Radio control playthings will always be popular with children and teens. Car racing is a sport that is enjoyable to watch in real life, and this is certainly the same in terms of RC vehicles.

Kids and their friends and families will have a grand time racing their toy-grade models with each other while serious enthusiasts can also participate in the fun with their hobby-grade cars.

There are lots of RC vehicles available today, from 4-wheel drives and rally cars to scale models of the most popular vehicle models around, as well as off-road monster truck models.

Racing and playing with these radio control vehicles is great ways to spend time and develop relationships with other interested individuals. For sport racing models, we have the RW Lamborghini Veneno Remote Control Sport Racing Car up for a review.


  • Legitimately licensed by Lamborghini
  • 8-10 miles per hour speed
  • 30-40 remote control distance
  • Headlights illuminate with forward motion, red tail glows during back-up
  • Complete forward/left/right/reverse/stop functions
  • Requires use of 3AAA batteries for car and 2AA batteries for remote (not included)


If you’ve always wanted a Lamborghini, this is an opportunity to own one, albeit in miniature. It comes with an affordable price tag, and is perfect for children and beginners.

The RC car is officially licensed by the Lamborghini Veneno, which makes for a more authentic feeling, and needs 3 AAA batteries to operate. It also passes EN71, ROHS, RTTE and EN62115 standards, features convincing headlight illumination, as well as tail lights and forward motion.

The vehicle is clearly capable of running on any kind of surface, as it has shock absorbers.

Enthusiasts who have bought the model have reported satisfaction at its reasonable price, as well as at its quickness and pleasing design. One buyer mentioned that the detailing of the model was decent, and its plastic components were glossy, all of which adds to the excellent appearance of the vehicle.

Another user indicated that she very much appreciated the slick appearance of the model, which made it seem a lot like the real thing.

With regards to the Lamborghini’s performance, reviewers who have operated the car agree that it is a great RC model and that it suited children very well.

A user stated that the model goes nice and fast, and that the headlights/taillights combo were an excellent addition to the whole RC car experience. The user indicated that headlights light up when it comes forward, while the taillights illuminate during reverse.

Another user was satisfied that the vehicle did not come with an external antenna, which can be a burden at times. The model responds well to its remote control, and it is also easy to maneuver, despite it having only two buttons.

The same user added that she found the RC car easy to figure out, which made it more enjoyable.


One user complained that the vehicle was a bit too lightweight for her taste. Since it was not sufficiently heavy, the vehicle often skidded. To solve this issue, she added a few small weights to the vehicle and found that they definitely enhanced its overall performance.

Furthermore, the car was not consistent in terms of movement, and was packaged in a way that required a fair amount of time and energy to get it out of the box

Another user suggested that a stiffer antenna for the remote would be a great addition, while some said that the vehicle’s durability remains questionable.

According to another user, the model’s throttle did not feature any progression – it only included stop and go. This meant that whenever the user pushed the joystick, the vehicle would drive off, which became frustrating.


Despite its disadvantages, this is a model that will satisfy speed enthusiasts. The Lamborghini RC car will also suit beginners and younger children, as the model is easy to control. It is simple to figure out and quite affordable.

However, it might not satisfy the serious collector and enthusiast. For those want to dip their toes in the RC vehicle arena, RW’s Lamborghini Veneno Remote Control Car is a good way to start.