Quick Review Traxxas Stampede 110 Scale 2WD Monster Truck with TQ 2.4GHz Radio

Quick Review Traxxas Stampede 110 Scale 2WD Monster Truck with TQ 2.4GHz Radio

It is no secret that Traxxas is one of the companies that dominates the market of remote-controlled vehicles. With its large variety of trucks that come with all those good looking designs, Traxxas always comes to mind when everyone needs to get a new remote-controlled car. Then, one those all fancies products from Traxxas is the Traxxas Stampede Scale 2WD Monster Truck.

In a glance, this truck offers power, speed, beautiful look and also incredible stability. It becomes one of my favorites now and I bet you will love it too. Now, let’s keep reading to see what you can expect from this wonderful RC car. But wait, the more you learn about it, the more you will love to have one. You’ve been warned!

First Impressions

The first thing you see as you open the box will be amazing because you can see this great monster truck was there. But, if you happen to see the other two trucks from Traxxas before, you will find that this one is quite smaller than the other which actually arrived at the same time.

Then, just the way you open the other trucks from Traxxas, it will be all easy to assemble. You don’t need to be a pro to bring it together. Just open the box, charge the battery to power it up and you can directly bring it outside for your first trial.

This RC car comes with a TQ 2.4 GHz radio system as its remote control. It is comfortable and there is no doubt that you will have that pleasure when you are operating and controlling your car. The overall initial impression of this Traxxas Stampede Scale 2WD Monster Truck is actually great. And I mean it!


As I brought the car outside for the first try, I couldn’t be more amazed than ever because I didn’t expect for something better than this. One that I found very impressive is that it can practically remain on its all four wheels perfectly as it is trying to pull itself out from any sticky situation like steep ditches and long grass.

I found it great especially because I didn’t anticipate a 2WD remote-controlled truck to be able to set itself free so damn effectively like this one. Not like it’s brother the 4×4 Traxxas Stampede, I thought there will be one or two flips during the attempt, but the result is just out of the box!

If you wonder about the overall performance, I can say that this RC car is great in all weathers. Thanks to its water resistant materials, we shouldn’t worry about any damage caused by water to this car. We can just let it handle any situations from water or even mud.

Battery Power

How about the battery power? The Traxxas Stampede comes with Traxxas seven-cell NiMH battery which is supported with iD technology. The technology also supports fast charging feature that allows you to wait for not so long to get the Stampede ready to drive again.

As I try the RC car for the first time, the play time actually exceeds the expecting play time written on its box. When it is supposed to be 15 minutes only, I can play this awesome truck for about 25 minutes. You don’t need to do anything for this, though.


Overall, this RC car is absolutely a winner! If you love to play RC vehicles especially monster trucks, you probably will love and enjoy playing this one too. Then, if you are looking for a powerful RC truck that offers such amazing performance, you should definitely give the Traxxas Stampede Scale 2WD Monster Truck a try!


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