Do you want to get started on the exciting RC cars and trucks experience? There is no doubt that it is fun and thrilling to play radio control. It is suitable for all ages and you can easily take part on any level that suits you best. But, before you start your journey, it is important for you to read our quick guide about RC cars and trucks for beginner. So, let’s check this out!

Main RC Cars Categories

The first thing you need to know about remote control vehicles is that there are four major interest categories that you can find. The following is the detail of each interest.

  • Off Road Buggies

It can be considered as the one that start the remote-controlled car trend. Nowadays, this kind of RC vehicle is still popular and loved by many RC hobbyists. It is specified by its open-wheel design that offers a lot of ground clearance, knobby tires and full-travel suspension. It usually comes in 2WD as well as 4WD and the most ordinary size for this category is 1/10 scale.

  • On Road Cars

In some cases, on road cars have started to exceed the popularity of Off Road Cars. Many hobbyists will love to play this car on carpet indoor or paved outdoor track. In addition, newer park area racing is also famous for those who play this car. Different to Off Road cars, the On Road cars are designed to work properly on pavement.

  • Monster Trucks

We can say that Monster Trucks are the big form of Off Road cars. However, it is usually not as quick as the Off Road buggies. Just like the way it is called as monster, it can pull, crush, climb and generally make itself drive on any kind of terrain. It usually has deep tread tires and comes in 4WD configuration.

  • Stadium Racers

Among RC cars and trucks for beginner that are available on the market, stadium racers may not be really recommended for beginner. But, you should know this category as well. This kind of RC cars usually can come in both nitro-powered and electric versions. Stadium racers are generally dependable, very quick and quite rugged.

What You Need for Electrics and Nitro

Since your RC cars can come in electric and nitro version, it will be great to learn about things you need to prepare for both. Here is the list.

  • What You Need for Electrics

If you choose an RC car or truck that has electric power version, first you will need the vehicle of course, the radio, the battery pack, the charger, the motor and speed controls. For the vehicle, since you are beginner, it is recommended to get the one that is easy to assembly.

Together with your package, there will be the radio system and battery pack. The battery pack is rechargeable and you can also find additional battery pack when needed. Then, you will need the charger as well to deliver power to your battery. And don’t forget the motor and speed control as well.

  • What You Need for Nitro

There will be a little different only if you go for the nitro version. Similar with the electric one, it is better for you to go for an RC vehicle that is pre-assembled to make it easy for you as newbie. Then, you will need radio as well.

In addition, you will need the engine and track equipment to make your RC car works. Since nitro-powered RC cars and trucks has similar mode to aircraft, the support equipment needed is similar as well.

Final Thoughts

That’s all the quick guides about RC cars and trucks for beginner. Now, you can start to shop for your very first RC cars and trucks on the market.