RC cars, or remote control cars, are fun to collect and are great toys for kids. RC cars are automobile miniatures which can be controlled by means of a remote, hence the toy’s name. When it comes to buying remote control cars for kids, you should first consider several factors.

Types of RC Vehicle

There are plenty of RC vehicles to choose from, with the most popular among the bunch being cars, buggies and trucks.


Cars are the fastest remote control vehicles. Some models can go as fast as 100 miles per hour. To allow these models to run at their best, you need to put them on terrain that has a smooth, level surface, such as a paved lane.

Cars can manage turns with ease, so if you are controlling one, expect to be able to whiz by all sorts of obstacles.


Buggies can be used for either off-road or on-road races, as they are good multipurpose vehicles. However, they are not as speedy as RC cars and are not capable of climbing craggy ground like trucks.


Trucks are for those who want great off-road adventures. They are capable of dealing with rough terrain, as opposed to RC cars and buggies, which require smoother ground. Trucks are perfect for outdoor action, and several models are water-resistant.


The majority of simple RC vehicles cost from $10 -$35. Models with even lower prices are ideal for younger kids, as they usually feature straightforward controls with a few extra options.

However, they are much slower than the high-end models, and they can’t handle uneven terrain well. Younger children won’t make a big fuss about speed and adaptability, as they will still get plenty of satisfaction out of owning such a fun toy.

Most high-tech models cost a $100 or more. They usually feature plenty of add-ons, such as more speed options and 4-wheel drive, as well as being extra resilient. Some models are straightforward and easy to operate, despite having these advanced features. They are ideal for older children and teens.

Models that go over the $150 dollar mark are packed with fantastic features and as a result are usually collectors’ items. These kinds of vehicles are built for racing and require regular maintenance – as such they are not ideal for kids, but would suit adult or teen collectors perfectly.

Power Resource

Remote control vehicles have two chief power resources and they are:


Electric RC vehicles are operated by battery packs, which are often rechargeable. Using an electric model is fairly simple, since all you have to do is charge the accompanying battery pack and you are good to go.

They are also very affordable, making them the preferred choice among parents. However, electric vehicles are somewhat slow and do not pack a lot of power.


Nitro powered RC vehicles have tons of speed, power and punch. They are generally in the domain of serious collectors, as their higher prices and the average child has. Typically, you are required to purchase fuel separately for Nitro powered models.

Remote Controller

The remote control is used to manage the vehicle’s movements. The controller communicates with the vehicle by means of a radio transmitter. RC vehicles usually include a stick control or a pistol grip control.

Stick controls have a similar appearance with video game controls, while pistol grip ones have a throttle that is similar to a gun’s trigger. Once pulled, the throttle moves the vehicle forward – the more the throttle is pulled, the faster the vehicle moves.

The pistol grip control gives the person in charge good control over the vehicle, and gives the impression of a genuine vehicle’s steering wheel.


RC vehicles come in a wide range of sizes. 1/16, 1/10, 1/8 and all the way down to 1/5 are the most common dimensions. The bigger the vehicle the more expensive it becomes, as larger RC vehicles typically feature more expendable components and can be patched up with ease.

When deciding on the size of RC vehicle you are going to buy, you may want to consider the location your child intends on using it in, as well as where you would like to be able to store it.