The good thing about RC vehicles (remote control vehicles) is the wide selection of models available. This means that there is a model out there that will suit every taste.

There are toy-grade models that will satisfy children and then there are the heavy-duty, almost-like-the-real-thing hobby-grade models which will satisfy the older enthusiast.

However, when it comes to a purchase, there are plenty of factors that one has to keep in mind – especially if you are after high-end RC vehicles. As mentioned previously, there are a great variety of RC vehicles available, and they are not limited to beginner or high-end models – you must bear in mind other elements, such as power sources, speed capabilities and special functions.

One of the most talked about off-road RC vehicles is Hosim’s high-speed Electric 33+ Remote Controlled Car. Let’s see if it this particular model is really worth your hard-earned dollars.


  • Includes 2.4 gigahertz radio system
  • Includes rubber tires with sponge inserts
  • Includes super sport rear wheel drive
  • Includes ball bearing
  • Includes steering servos
  • Hobby-grade truck with toy-level prices
  • Comes in blue
  • Features 45 km/h speed
  • 100-meter controlling distance
  • Includes 800MA Li-ion-Fe battery for truck
  • Includes charger
  • Includes user manual
  • Batteries not included for remote controller


The model features an electric-brushed 390 motor and its s-truck suspension system promises great control and handling. It also contains a circuit board which is capable of protecting against overheating issues, and to maximize battery life, the battery makes use of low-voltage and over-discharging protection functions.

The vehicle is a high speed 2-wheel drive, and to allow greater maneuverability, comes with its own steering servos and ball bearings. The rubber tires, as mentioned earlier, feature sponge inserts to make the vehicle seem like a genuine monster truck. Furthermore, it includes rear wheel drive.

Users can control the vehicle up to a distance of 100 meters, and according to enthusiasts, it is incredibly fast for an off-road model. The truck is remarkably lightweight, which is a big contributor to its speed capabilities.

Others also praised the fact that the truck comes fully-assembled; there is no need to confuse yourself with the arduous task of putting together complicated parts.

The most important aspect of the vehicle is its performance. Most users praised it for the speeds it can reach, as well as for the excellent overall performance – the truck was able to whizz around on dirt, mud, grass, as well as in water and on elevated areas. One buyer stated that the price of the vehicle couldn’t be beaten, with regards to its excellent performance.


Buyers have made many have positive comments about the vehicle’s affordable price, but that should come as no surprise – most of the vehicle is made from plastic, and this keeps the model at a price that will fit your budget.

However, this does means that it has a tendency to break in specific places, though all of the parts which break most frequently are fully replaceable.

Some users complained that the vehicle has a short battery life in comparison to other similar RC cars, but that its speed and price made up for this.

According to one user, its speed is an advantage, but it is also the vehicle’s weakness – beginners will find the car difficult to control at first and may damage it as a result.

In order to avoid damaging the car straight off the bat, they have to refrain from going too fast when they first begin to use the vehicle. New are advised to start slow, and once they have gotten the hang of the car, they can experiment with higher speeds.


To sum everything up – the Hosim 1/12 Scale Electric RC Car is great value for money, as well as being a good entry-level model that will fit the needs of newcomers to the world of RC cars.

While it can be tempting to let the vehicle go full-speed immediately, due to its great speed, it is important to keep in mind that most of the parts are made from plastic, and can break, though this does allow the car to retail at such a reasonable price.

If you want to steer clear of broken parts, control is the key – especially if this is your first RC vehicle. The verdict is that this is an excellent buy, despite some minor drawbacks.