Product Features

  • Target Gender: Boy
  • The main production country: Philippines
  • A transmitter, a receiver, a servo, a speed controller, a 7.2 V battery for running, a special charger required for starting the RC car.
  • Adopted a 2.4 GHz hopping system that allows running on multiple units without the need for crystal exchange or band management.
  • Transmitter power supply: 4 AA batteries (sold separately)
Price: $126.03
(as of 04/15/2021 05:48 UTC - Details)

Product Description

2-channel R that need has adopted a 2.4GHz hopping system capable of traveling at more than one without crystal exchange and band management, was also attached charger and the travel for 7.2V battery, optimal Radio set to the electric RC car Introduction It is. Including the transmitter, the compact size of the receiver and the servo, in addition to the back-drivable speed controller (TEU-105BK), also dedicated charger that can charge the traction battery running for 7.2V battery and household electrical outlet to power It has been set. The transmitter design with a sense of stability with optimized layout of the wheel and battery. Wheel portion slip, operation feeling is also good two-stage grip type. In addition, it adopts the grip cover and trigger cover, adopted the easy-to-operate structure is also a small person in the hand. Beginner mode that can slow down the maximum speed by the operation of the transmitter side I was standard equipment. With aluminum heat sink ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) is traveling with back function using the high output FET. Before and after the High Point can be adjusted, also features back-cancellation function. It also corresponds to the Tamiya LF6.6V battery. In addition, the transmitter power is the AA batteries four and economical to be happy point. The set include: Fine specs 2.4G transmitter TTU-08, FET speed controller TEU-105BK, TRU-08 receiver, TSU-03 servo, traveling for 7.2V battery, traction battery special charger

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