The most efficient RC trucks, like the Babrit F9 Truck Racing Vehicle, usually rely on their power source. There are two popular kinds of power sources available for RC vehicles, namely electricity and nitro.

Electric or battery-operated models are usually geared towards the beginner crowd, while nitro-powered RC vehicles churn out large amounts of power, making them more suitable for advanced racers, or those who have plenty of remote control vehicle experience.

There are also fuel-generated models on the market, but like nitro models, they are for the experienced and serious collector only.

Electric remote control vehicles, such as Babrit’s F9 Remote Control Truck, typically operate straight out of the packaging. All you have to do is charge the batteries, put them in the car and you are good to go.

In addition, they are easier to handle than the nitro-powered models, which is why they are frequently bought by newcomers to RC car game. Beginners can upgrade their cars for added speed and a boost in performance, if they so wish.


  • All-wheel drive remote control truck
  • Complete forward/backward/left/right functions
  • Capable of climbing obstacles
  • 60-minute charging time
  • 20-minute driving time
  • 25-meter remote control distance
  • Includes remote control
  • Includes charger


This particular Babrit car is a great entry-level RC model that newbies to the hobby will have fun with. It is about 10 inches long, has a height of 5 inches and is 6 inches wide.

It appears to be sturdily built and has a satisfactory level of detailing. The speed will suit beginner-level RC operators who have handled toy-grade remote control vehicles, and who possess the hand-eye coordination required to control models such as this.

To make the most out of this offering from Babrit, operate the vehicle out of doors and on smooth surfaces, such as paved roads or short grass. Charging the battery only takes an hour and the vehicle’s run time goes beyond the 15-minute mark, which is remarkable for a model of this level.

The majority of users agree that the vehicle is of exceptional quality and also features good suspension systems. One user in particular mentioned that the speed which the model could reach was brilliant in comparison to other models he owned.

The same user added that the model includes anti-interference properties, which is very useful, especially if you are operating the model with other remote control enthusiasts in the area.

You can drive the vehicle with other models around, whizzing around without having to worry about signal interference.

Another user was happy with the steering and throttle combination on the vehicle’s remote control, since not many beginner-level models provide one with such functions – they are usually only found on hobby-level RC vehicles. The user added that the truck is good and strong, and is able to withstand obstacles and rough terrain.

Another satisfied customer stated that the Babrit is fast and lightweight, and is an overall excellent truck built for jumping on hills, despite any obstructions along the way.

The user mentioned that while the Babrit is less than efficient on wet grass, it is nonetheless able to manage dirt roads, gravel and wet terrain.


One customer mentioned that if the truck is not used properly, it will run down and whirl around on any kind of surface. The truck’s axle, particularly the bottom part, tends to wear down and set the screw loose if it is used too enthusiastically. However, the problem can be solved with a bigger screw top.

Another user added that the price is a bit steep for a starter-level model, but said that this particular drawback was a minor issue, as the vehicle’s performance made up for its price.


If you are on the lookout for a beginner’s remote control truck, the Babrit F9 Truck Racing Vehicle is a great option. The model will also suit older children and teens, as long as they are able to handle the vehicle’s speed and remote control, as it comes with a combination of steering and throttle.

This is an enjoyable, great-looking vehicle and it makes the grade on all the major factors: style, performance, function and cost. This is an excellent gift for all RC enthusiasts.