Remote control cars are more popularly known as RC cars, and are excellent gifts and collector’s items for individuals of all ages, irrespective of sex.

Kids and teens can happily play with the recreational toy-grade and hobby-grade models, while the dedicated hobbyists have the option of the more sophisticated and advanced RC models.

Nowadays, there are RC models that are bigger, better, faster and are significantly more powerful than their predecessors.

There are still affordable RC vehicles on the market, however, so people who want to buy them as gifts for their kids, and for beginners who are still on the learning stages of racing RC vehicles, will have many options to choose from. Amosting’s Remote Control Monster Truck is ideal for both of the aforementioned groups.


  • GP brush 390 motor
  • S911 waterproof model
  • S-truck suspension technology
  • 4-wheel independent suspension system
  • 100 meter remote control distance
  • Rubber tires with sponge inserts
  • Ball bearing and steering servos
  • Hobby-grade truck with affordable price
  • Li-ion 7.4v 800mAh truck battery with charger
  • User manual
  • Lifetime tech support with 30-day free returns/replacements
  • Batteries on remote control not included


This remote control Monster Truck by Amosting is one of the models that is suitable for individuals who are just getting into the RC vehicle business. It is affordable, but it features hobby-level speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.

The truck is also strong enough to withstand substantial blows, which allows some room for error for users who are still learning the ropes of RC vehicle driving.

One user who has tested the model absolutely loves it, and mentioned that he was surprised at its speed and exceptional range. He was also glad that the controls were responsive, which allows better control and maneuverability.

The user also added that the battery charging was only an hour, which is much less that the other RC models he has in his collection. And as for its performance? The user stated that he was very satisfied with the way in which the model handled both rough and grassy terrain.

Another user also thoroughly enjoyed the vehicle, saying it featured decent suspensions, which despite not being adjustable, were entirely suitable for the model. She praised its soft tires which featured excellent grip and had only great things to say about the Amosting’s firm body and frame.

The body of the model can be removed easily, by detaching four small pins. Once all pins are taken out, the battery compartment can be unlocked.

According to one enthusiast, this section of the vehicle snaps quite easily. However, on the whole the car can be taken apart without too much of a struggle.

Another user mentioned that the car has plenty of torque. However, he noted that the throttle and steering wheel are very responsive, so beginners should start slowly and only build up speed once they have gotten the hang of the car.


A few users complained about the vehicle’s plastic parts, but nonetheless felt that with such an affordable price, there wasn’t too much to complain about. Plastic parts require a bit more care when steering and controlling the RC model.

One user said that the rear connecting rod was somewhat flimsy, and that making the rod a little stronger would definitely increase his estimation of the product. Another user mentioned that the model’s stock battery does not last very long, but this was not a common complaint.

Most reviewers agree that the car’s biggest drawback is its speed – it is not appropriate for younger kids to handle, and might be more suitable for older children, teens and adult beginners. The speed it can reach takes some getting used to. Furthermore, the model is meant for racing outside, not inside the house.


So many good things have been said about Amosting’s Remote Control Monster Truck that you have probably decided to buy one for yourself, which would by no means be a bad idea, because this particular model is a great find. The Amosting is ideal for older kids, teenage racers, and beginner enthusiasts who are after high speeds.